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We have many OSRS Accounts For Sale, Are you looking to try a new OSRS Accounts, Pure Pking build? Or may be some good Oldschool RuneScape Staking? How about that Maxed OSRS Pure you always wanted? Well now you can have all that, and for an affordable price! Macho4Rs is the best place to Buy OSRS account, we offers unique builds all at your fingertips at the best rates on the market for all your OSRS Account needs. We sell a wide variety of OldSchool Runescape accounts from Maxed Strength Pures to Maxed Stakers to 10hp Maxed Mage accounts! Get straight to the PKing or Staking without the hassle of over 200+ hours of mind-numbing and tedious grinding, we do all of that so you don't have to!

OSRS Accounts For Sale

All OSRS Accounts For Sale come without a registered email so you're free to add the first email to your osrs new account after purchase, all accounts are never botted on and hand crafted by trusted Macho staff with no black marks or offenses so bans are out of the question, Account will not be compromised (recovered), as the likeliness of that happening is non-existent! We take pride in our craft with over 1000 unique accounts sold!

What is a Pure? The concept of a pure most commonly refers to an account with high offence and low Defence to maintain a low combat level, most commonly the 1 defense pure there are other types of pures, including "Berserker" (45 defense) pures, "Barrows" (70 defense) pure, Void Pure (42 Attack, defense, 22 prayer) and we can build any one of them on request!

You can always contact live support to ask for certain custom builds but some of our preset OSRS Accounts For Sale are

Maxed Magic low CB: 10 HP, 99 Magic

Maxed F2P Pure - 40 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Range, 1 Defense

Teleblock Pure - 40 attack, 90 Strength, 90 Range, 85 Magic, 1 Defense

Maxed Staker - 99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Defense, 99 Hitpoints

Starter Pure - 40 Attack, 75 Strength, 75 Range 1 Defense

Buy OSRS Account from us today!

Note: We do not buy Accounts


1- Magic Pure

  • Info: 99 magic / 65 construction / 10 hp
60$ Order Now

2- F2p pure

  • Info: 40 attack / 99 strength
70$ Order Now

3- Max pure

  • Info: 40 attack / 99 strength / 99 range / 99 magic
400$ Order Now

4- F2p Pure

  • Info: 40 Attack / 90 Strength / 90 Range / in progress
60$ Order Now

5- Ready to PK

  • Info: 48 quest points / DT / mith gloves / book / ava / Fire Cape
145$ Order Now

6- F2p Pure

  • Info: 40 attack / 80 strength / 80 range / 1 defence
35$ Order Now

7- Staker

  • Info: Max melee staker
90$ Order Now

8- F2P Pure

  • Info: 40 attack / 99 str / 90 range
120$ Order Now

9- Ready to PK

  • Info: 50 quest points / DT / mith gloves / book / ava / Fire Cape
165$ Order Now